Water Dragon

Intention (Sanskrit: sankalpa – born from the heart of truth and harmony) is the driving force behind everything we do. Think about it. Every cell in your body has intention hard-wired into its genetic coding. Your body, senses, mind, and ego-sense are all expressions of life striving to blossom you into the fullness of joy and aliveness.

In our practice of meditation, or yoga nidra, or relaxation, or prayer we can set an intention that guides our life in every way. What is your intention for this year, for 2012, the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon? Dragon years are likely to be intense and innovative, but the water element brings flow and perception into the mix. Use the powerful but gentle energy of this year to help life to bring you to blossom!

Jakesprinter has made this beautiful Water Dragon as a gift for his blogging friends, he so kindly gave it to me tonight. Jake is a very innovative graphic artist whose passion for life, love, equality and the wellbeing of the Earth shines through his work. Thank you Jake!

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