This afternoon we dug potatoes, the renegades who hid and came up by themselves amongst the Golden Nugget pumpkins. They did well!

Ruby Lou potatoes with Yellow Button Squash and one Golden Nugget pumpkin

Feeling a bit hot, dirty and tired from my main job of cleaning out all the old stuff from the house (HUGE) I asked if we could try again for a swim …. we went to Honeymoon Beach (also known as Mullimburra Beach) and then to the big rock pool which was fantastic. Mid-tide, huge swell, it was like a personal wave-powered spa bath, with waves breaking onto the surrounding rocks, spraying high into the air, then these marvelous swells rushing in with foam and action to revive and refresh us. Woohoo! We floated and dived, whooshed and sank, laughed and laughed, and the big swells rose so high my towel got wet, but luckily my crocs stayed wedged into the rock crevasse where I had left them. So much fun!!! Thank you potatoes 🙂

Honeymoon Beach on a hot sunny day .. the rock pool is off to the far right, out of shot

9 thoughts on “Potatoes

  1. That is so much fun and more…What an adventure. From discovering potatoes to the refreshing view and feel of the beach waters. Just a perfect day. Thanks for today’s inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend.

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