Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Ghost Gum Sunrise, Mt Sondor, Central Australia

Winter sunrise in Central Australia where we were camped in a riverbed on the Larapinta Trail. We crept out of our swags and wandered silently up the river bank climbing through the Ghost Gums on the slope until we could see Mount Sondor glowing in the morning light. Everything is still and calm before the coming heat and wind of the desert day.

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

  1. Whitewashed branches, bare, cool, peaceful. (When I flip my vision, the photo looks like a negative…of a dark tree in silhouette.)

  2. It looks like this blog is leading you to explode and explore your photography talents in the beautiful nature scenery you live in. How wonderfully blessing, and yes….truly peaceful. This must bring you much peace.

  3. Great Entry My friend I love the angle of sunrise between branches of the tree and wow the new peaceful day begin again πŸ™‚

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