Lessons from the School of Fish

If you want to skip the astrology just start reading in the 5th paragraph …it is GOOD …. the kind of message our world needs to hear …and told so beautifully…. a sensitive fishy tale.

School Of Fish – Venus Enters Pisces

Venus begins 25 days in Pisces just before 1 am EST on Saturday morning. Venus will thus be entering the sign where it is exalted. For a planet, exaltation is like being an honored guest in a royal castle, entitled to privilege. That means Venus will be in a friendly place with no agenda beyond its receptive archetype and the sign it occupies. You can therefore expect the development of Venus in Pisces to express itself in a particular, even peculiar way in your life. For many of us it will be like going back to school — the school of fish.

A planet exalted is a potent thing. It is second only to being a ruler among the hierarchy of essential dignities that enhance or diminish the influence of a given planet in a given sign, and much older. Long ago an astrologer named Ptolemy (not the same fellow as the politician/general of ancient Rome, by the way) codified the traditional rulerships we use today. The origin and reasoning of exaltations, on the other hand, is lost to history.

The case of Venus in Pisces, however, makes a lot of sense even if we do not know the original idea behind it. The association between Venus and Pisces invokes the ocean and its inhabitants, but begins in the sky. Long ago, people looked at the stars and projected images upon their distribution. Among those images, called constellations, was Pisces. The tableau is two fish linked in unity. The myth behind the picture is that of Venus and her son, Cupid, transforming themselves into fish to escape the monster, Typhon. The symbolism continues in the sequential order of the modern, tropical zodiac.

Pisces is where the zodiac cycle concludes. Hence, it is the place that the other eleven signs flow to, as rivers flow to the sea. Looking at the planet-sign relationship from the other side, the mythical origin of Venus is consistently piscine, portraying the goddess as arising from the foamy surf. Given such a deep and seamless connection in myth, what form of erudition can we then expect to receive when the celestial object we call Venus symbolically returns to her place of birth? It would probably have something to do with perspective.

You, and everyone else reading these words, live on land for the most part, breathing air. Aqueous life, much like the exaltations of planets in astrology, goes back much further in time and represents a different perspective, shrouded in mystery. Venus in Pisces thus manifests an opportunity to go beneath the surface and learn what fish already know. It is a different world, an acoustic world, and that is our first lesson in the school of fish: listening.

It is common for us to ‘go and see’. Listening is less central to our experience. The receptive archetype of Venus in the watery realm of Pisces is an encouragement to correct that balance. Speaking of balance, that’s another thing that is intrinsic to the energy of Venus by benefit of its rulership in Libra, and another thing that fish can teach us through the exaltation of Venus in Pisces.

To live on land is to contend with gravity. By and large, we must support our own weight, and it is nearly always possible to fall. For fish, gravity is orientation, and buoyancy is the challenge. While it is unlikely that people will ever be able to actually float through the air, we can learn to perceive possibilities that allow us be supported by our environment. We can do that by thinking of our world as something to be in harmony with rather than contended against. That of course, means we need to consider ourselves a part of it all, as Venus ruling Taurus would have us do.

Residing on a solid surface makes it more difficult to appreciate that we are integrated with our environment. Perhaps this is best illustrated by a humorous observation. The late, great, comedian Gilda Radner once noted that “fish swim in their own toilet.” Stop and think about that. If we thought of ourselves the same way, would our survival, and that of all living things be as threatened as they are today? The error of perceiving ourselves as detached from our environment derives directly from our attachment to the artificial and external structures that have come to govern our lives. Seeing beyond those structures is another thing we can learn by looking beneath the surface to another world from which we could afford to receive teaching, but that would be a big adjustment.

So much of what we call reality, or ‘how the world works’ is derived from outer, artificial structures like calendars, clocks and the authority of those who impose and control them to manipulate our lives for their material gain. The planet Venus knows nothing of such things. At this time last year, Venus was in Sagittarius, moving to re-unite with Mars in May. Fish know nothing of our artifice either. Their existence is at one with the rhythms of Earth, intrinsic to and flowing from the sea. They pursue their lives, tolerating us and what we do because they know no other way. From that tolerance we can perhaps take our greatest teaching.

We spend so much time judging each other and, it seems, the rest of our precious existence judging ourselves. Consider what life could be like if we were free of that. We would be less less concerned with seeing and being seen and more with listening and being heard. We would know more of buoyant levity and balance and less of the weighty and grave. We would see ourselves integrated with each other and our nourishment rather than segregated by greed and want. We would have no need to be enslaved by artifice in order to structure a brittle identity. Finally, we would find no cause to sustain the fraud by declaring others to be something less and ourselves, somehow, never enough.

We stand to learn a lot, and we need to, during this impending visit of Venus to Pisces. So, make like Venus and be receptive to the teaching that will surely come your way. Do not be put off if you encounter the unfamiliar, because that will be the sign. Do not be afraid to release attachment to that which has never been you or yours, to that which you have never been an authentic part of, because that will be the lesson to be learned in the school of fish.

Offered In Service 

Thanks Len, you are awesome! This is a marvelous piece, please read and enjoy. Reblogged from Planet Waves

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