Candle Lighter Award

red lotus amongst the papyrus

It feels like Christmas, or a birthday, another award arrived this morning. This must be the end for a while! However this is a worthwhile award made by Kate Kresse, to recognise bloggers who are shedding light in the world.  Blogs can be about anything, but those that are inspiring, joyful, uplifting, way-showing for the life adventurers amongst us who finding their way towards the Light, they are the ones I like best. Learn more about it on Kate’s blog ‘Believe Anyway’, Candle Lighter Award 

I would like to pass it on to just two blogs this morning (it is morning here in Australia), Sue who is Napkinwriter, and Dominic at Standing in an Open Field. There is no need to pass it on, but you can if you like, and there is a beautiful candle image to put on your blog if you want to. A totally stress-free award, imagine a lovely big smile coming your way!

We are all like the lotus above, standing with our feet in the mire of the pond, and reaching upwards towards the light, sharing our beauty with the world.

6 thoughts on “Candle Lighter Award

  1. Well Christine, thank you. But I thought it was another thing I thanked you for before. Main thing is I am so thankful to have you as a friend through our blog activities, and do not hold it as unreasonable that someday in the future we may meet — maybe in your yoga class or a retreat or just passing in your neighborhood enjoying your lands.

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