We have been away for three days, carrying out the memorial service for my step-father Don in the area where he lived …. plus continuing the big job of packing up the house and preparing it for sale. The memorial service was brilliant: Our dvd slideshow and music (thanks to our son Toby) set a cheery tone, the speakers were excellent, it was funny, moving and serious, and apparently greatly enjoyed by his friends and neighbours, and people from the many areas of his expertise, such as bowling, gym, Probus and the 7th Division Cavalry Association. Clearing out the house reminded us of abundance, and also that Don had served as a Quarter-Master, there was plenty of everything that might be needed, even though he was 92 years old.

pickings from the garden

When we arrived home this morning we went straight out to the garden to see how it survived the heat …. and to pick the produce! For the first time we have summer peas, perhaps due to the unseasonable cool weather in December. There are beets and carrots, and all kinds of greens, but this is what we picked; kilos of beans from the Purple King and Blue Lake climbing beans, a few zucchinis and button squash, tomatoes and cucumber, and a bowl of strawberries. Next we moved on to the fruit trees.

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Now to find a few friends we can share our abundance with!


20 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Christine, what a wonderful send off for Don! I hope he saw and heard Toby’s dvd. And the bountiful homecoming was like dessert after a feast of love and rememberance..

    • thank you for your very perceptive words Barb, one image of Don winking, dressed in his suit and medals, will stay with us all I think, definitely the man we remember!

    • my husband is a passionate gardener, involved in starting an amazing community garden http://sageproject.wikispaces.com/ and always innovating …plus our plants enjoy seaweed from the beach to help them grow …and some are in wicking beds that encourage easy growth and abundant harvests … yes Don would have enjoyed the send-off, all his friends certainly did, so we are pleased about that!

  2. Outside of the blue sky, there is very little color here at this time of year so seeing your beautiful arrangement of fruits and vegetables is a delight! Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

    Disassembling a home is always a time of reflection whether its previous occupant(s) have passed on or merely moved away. Following the death of my parents, I realized no one can cherish objects in the same manner as their original owners. The candy dish with the twirled glass handle given to my mother from her grandmother simply cannot have the same importance to me as it did to her since I don’t know its complete history or the occasion when it was presented. Each object holds secrets we cannot fathom although we can bring them to life through imaginings.

    I’m sure it’s a bittersweet time for you, a time when memories flood your senses while your body is tired. My thoughts are with you.

    • After a swim in the wild ocean this morning we feel greatly recovered 🙂
      I really understand what you mean about possessions, it is so hard to let those things go that meant so much to someone you loved, yet the smallest thing will do as a touchstone for all those memories. I did bring some pretty pink glass vases and little pink and silver salt dishes (no doubt very like your candy dish) that belonged to my great grandmother, but I hope that one of my son’s wives will take them. Order is returning, and now it is all the legalities etc that demand our attention. Great to turn to my blog for a break!

      • For green beans I love Safari (dwarf) they grow to a perfect size for eating whole
        Climbing I havea few favourites like Blue Lake, or Cheroke Trail of Tears, but a lot o fmy climbers tend to be for shelling, like Borlotti, Major Cooke, Madeira Maroon, or Haricot and Lima type beans. I’m still on the hunt for a great tasting yellow bean for eating whole. Do you grow any?

  3. Sorry for your loss. It’s never easy to loose someone you love. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony from what I read. As for the harvest…. Just amazing…. So much colors. Looks delicious! Have a great weekend.

  4. Amazing abundant harvest! Love the photos. Everything looks so scrumptious.

    It sounds like you gave Don a wonderful send-off via a celebration of his life. Condolences on your loss. May you find comfort in the memory of the life he lived.

  5. It must be such sweet solace for you and your family to have come home to such an abundance from your hard work in the garden. My condolences on your loss and best wishes to you all with your abundance of memories to share on a life well lived.

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