Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

This a real challenge, since our Australian winters are generally not very much different to our summers! However in July 2009 we walked with a group of writers in Central Australia. Winter in the desert brings freezing nights and hot days. We arrived in Alice Springs on the weekend of the annual Beanie Festival, so members of our group were sporting their new beanies.

Beanies for warmth at Ipolera campsite

This is my first attempt at merging images in PS, quite exciting to learn a new skill on the last day of the year. Here are some untouched images of us on a cold desert morning around the campfire at Ipolera.

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26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

  1. Oh, I love this – I am sitting here in Sydney wondering what on earth to do for this week’s theme and your ‘Beanie Festival’ merged image is a delight and inspiration – well done!

    • hi bluebee, so happy that you enjoyed it, and now i look forward to seeing your ‘winter’ image ….. we should suggest some other topics that would challenge the majority!

    • what a great idea! bean dishes would be perfect in winter … i can see it happening next year … people in their warm beanies gathering on the beaches of Nantucket to feast and fest with awesome beanies!

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