i have been gifted by a solstice angel! (“this fragile web” video 3:31)

words divinely wrought

A divine confluence occurred between my post of
“this fragile web: why every moment matters” (November 18, 2011)
and my post of December 3, which featured the sublime video
“A Fire For You – Winter Solstice,” created by merhlin
and featuring the music of composer John Boswell.
I connected with merhlin (aka Jeff ), presented him with my longheld vision of
collaborating with other creatives to add a new level of dimensionality
to my words, and he has created an exquisite video featuring
my poetic expression. I truly feel that I have been visited by an angel
and look forward to more collaborative efforts with this talented Creator.
The fruit is ripe and glistening, my friends. Prepare for a lush harvest!
ps: be patient. the sound kicks in at about :19.

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4 thoughts on “i have been gifted by a solstice angel! (“this fragile web” video 3:31)

  1. Thank You so much for sharing the link to my video, “this fragile web: why every moment matters.” I appreciate your support more than you know, and hope your extended community enjoys a look.

    I must say, the Summer Solstice image of people sitting on the rocks basking in the sun brought up a twinge of (healthy) envy for me. Here, in the prairie land of southern Colorado/US, we are surrounded by snowdrifts reaching up to 4 feet and more. And when it finally melts, we’ll still be in our decades-old drought with no beautiful bodies of water to gaze upon fondly. May our beloved Mother Earth come into joyful balance for the new year and beyond.

  2. Hi Rachel, I find such joy in your poetry, I was thrilled to see that incredibly beautiful video with your words, exquisite! I do hope my readers click through and enjoy it …I did it by reblogging but could not find a place to leave a recommendation for them … anyway they will get the message and be delighted too. Happy Solstice, and I wish you rain …we had a 10 year drought but now have had two years of above average rain, such a blessing. Christine xx

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