Grey Shrikethrush

We woke this morning to the beautiful music of three shrike thrushes singing loudly, displaying for each other and caroling as exquisitely as possible as they flitted from perch to perch around the garden. Here is one I photographed singing a few days ago.

Grey Shrikethrush: note the crouching position and ruffled feathers as the bird displays and sings

I will try recording the song for you soon …. as soon as I work out how to do it! Meanwhile you can hear the call on this website, look down the bottom on the right. These birds are relatively unafraid, coming close to the house, even watching for a treat such as a fat white grub or a small piece of cheese to be thrown towards them. Smoothly rounded, with interested bright dark eyes, they hop and flutter from perch to perch, looking for insects and small lizards etc.

a moment of rest between songs

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