Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

This was a very difficult one for me, caused a lot of thinking, because we have my 92 year old step-father living here now, and only a few months left of his life. So I have decided to post a bit of his story every few days, celebrating his life, and his quiet departure from this earthly body. However I will start tomorrow, or as soon as I can … so meanwhile here is a gorgeous photo of a big birthday smile. We celebrate birthdays with gifts and special food, affirming our love for each other on these significant days.

youngest son opening a gift

Youngest son opening a gift, and I remember the gift of his life, his birth, his place in our family this time around. I celebrate that great time, giving birth, welcoming a new being into our world!

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

  1. Ah, birthdays. Funny how I’m quite willing to celebrate ones belonging to others, but I’d rather ignore my own. 🙂

    I look forward to reading about your step-father’s life. Just this past week, I was at the bedside of a special friend as he passed. He was 91 and had a full life. From this experience and others in my life, I know grieving is an essential part of our lives as we mourn the passing of people and possibilities.

    • why do you ignore your own birthday douglas? what a privilege to be with him as he passed .. i have friend who seems to be called to help her family members as they go ..and my husband has sometimes found himself collapsing exhausted for no apparent reason, only to learn later that a close family member or friend had suddenly died at that time…. however i have not ever been at a death bed … maybe this time?

  2. I would love it if you choose to write about your profession as craniosacral therapist. I did not know what it is, but I have had two treatments six weeks apart, and feel amazing changes for the good. Scheduled for another in early January.

    • i will try soon sue, thanks for asking me, things have been exciting lately with changes reflecting the new energy that has entered the earth recently … it is an awesome therapy

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