Fun Kundalini Yoga

This week we had some different fun in our yoga classes … inspired by beautiful yoga teacher and musician Maya Fiennes

My introduction to Maya’s yoga was from her dvd Detox and De-stress, which I tried one Friday afternoon. It was vigorous and really different, yet with a few modifications (for my body’s needs) I enjoyed it all. That night I had a glass of red wine with my meal, and the next day I felt really sick. I had completely underestimated the power of the yoga in detoxifying my body. While my tissues and organs were dumping expelled toxins into my gut I had inadvertently added more. So I had to miss a lunch date that day!

This week we tried some old favourites such as rolling sit-ups and sufi’s grind, and three new ones …. Buttock Kick (this pose eliminates gas and relaxes the heart, and Maya says in her book ‘Yoga for Real Life’ that this ‘must be one of the few times you get to give yourself a kick up the bum for all the right reasons’!), Lymphatic Drainage (very vigorous but good strong music helps) and Anger Release. The last one is designed to release anger, calm the mind and bring peace, and we certainly enjoyed it, laughing with relief when we finally reached the beautiful space at the end.

Here is some of Maya’s yoga …a video of her teaching the Anger Release …and there are many youtube videos of her yoga and music too …just look for yourself!

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