grass and wattle

Life sends up in blades of grass
its silent hymn of praise
to the nameless Light
Rabindranath Tagore

This beautiful fluffy grass is not an Australian native, and although I have known its name I can’t remember at present. It grows all around the local coastline and is exceedingly pretty at this time of year. We pick it as we walk back from the beach and playfully tickle each other, causing giggles and laughter!

Pinnacles Beach with grasses in foreground

This little beach faces south east, perfect when a strong nor-easter is blowing and you need some shelter. The climb down is steep so it is usually deserted. On this silvery silent morning the light infuses everything.

2 thoughts on “Grasses

  1. You write beautifully and create poems behind your own back:

    The climb down is steep
    The beach deserted
    On silvery silence
    Morning light infuses

    I love “silvery silent morning” since it perfectly describes some dawns.
    Thanks for the imagery.

  2. doug, you are so kind, i have been smiling for days after reading this!

    doug’s inner poet hears my voice
    though soft and party hidden
    his gentleness encourages me
    to take time, go deep,
    allow the heart to speak 🙂

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