Beach morning photos

This morning was greyish, low clouds covering the sun, but I was determined to try my new camera on the beach. Waves had brought in fresh seaweed that we often collect to make seaweed salad, and amongst the weed there were squid eggs. Last night we found a shark’s egg too.

squid eggs washed up in the seaweed

A one-footed sooty oystercatcher was probing the sand hopefully, giving me time to focus my new camera and grab quite a nice snap!

sooty oystercatcher

Meanwhile I had noticed three red-capped plover running in fits and starts across the beach, first up high, then down low near the waves, then flying along and continuing their hectic stop-start rushing. They are tiny, and the same colour as the sand, so it was very difficult even to see them through my zoom lens. I managed a few photos, and to my surprise I did capture something.

rushing ....

and stopped!

Last summer some of these three might have been the minute babies we saw with their parent on the beach, the very day some young people screamed along the sand on their motorbikes …I ran into their path waving my arms and shouting at them…of course it is illegal but that does not deter some people. We did see the young again several times, so it is wonderful to to think these might them returning.

In between all this we enjoyed our walk, and I made a little progress in learning about my new camera. Starting the day as we meant to continue, living each moment!

beach walk

3 thoughts on “Beach morning photos

  1. I’ve always wanted to spend time peering into tidal pools to see all of the life in them. You’re lucky to live where you can explore the beach and find lifeforms most of us can’t even imagine exist. If I came upon the squid eggs, I wouldn’t have a clue what they are. But I do know about shark eggs. I saw them in a documentary years ago and have never forgotten what they look like.

    And the birds. Oh, the birds who are your neighbors. How wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing all of it online so I can enjoy your world.

    • wild storm here tonight, but before i pull the plug again i must thank you for your poetic comment! yes we are privileged, and try to remember our responsibility to care for the whole area around us, land and creatures 🙂 it is such a joy to share it, as you share your millpond, thanks so much!

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