Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

me with our sons, their wives and children (thanks to my husband :))

This is my immediate family now, but of course there are others, such as my step-father who has come to live with us for the remaining months of his life

don fishing a few years ago

and my mother who died in 2004, but here we are exploring our old haunts on a Sydney ferry in 2003

Taronga Zoo ferry, rainy day 2003

and here is rare shot of my three sons on their bikes

Here are some other wonderful interpretations of family:

tender, poignant, birds, funny, gorgeous, formal, casual and inspirational

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

    • thanks … i was so glad to find the one of my mother … we had a fun day going back to places we had lived and reminiscing … so glad i had time to do that before she died suddenly

    • hey jake, thank you …yes it is hard to get them all together … and it wont happen now for a few years … but we all have fun and eat a lot when it happens 🙂

  1. A true definition of a family that love and supports each other. Everyone looks happy and inspired. I miss this times of family gatherings. I grew up with 5 siblings. It was a great childhood for me because of the. Wishing you and your family loads of blessings. Beautiful post.

    • you will soon build your family where you are now, and no doubt it will be important to travel back ‘home’ when you can to see those you left behind, meanwhile you will discover another family who loves and supports you, maybe even online!

    • yes connie, those times when we can get together are hard to find, especially when one son is often living overseas, and everyone’s life is so busy …thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. family photos are treasures aren’t they. And your photo of your mum on a sydney ferriy brings back happy memoried of my all but brief visit to Sydney and sitting on the ferries watching the world go by. Thanks for sharing Claire 🙂

    • well fancy you having been on a sydney ferry! we lived on the north side of the harbour near the zoo, so we all used the ferries a lot in those distant days …that day with my mother we had some fun, and got caught in the rain, so glad we shared those times before she went!

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