Red-necked Wallabies

One young mother red-necked wallaby is particularly fond of the area around our house. She enjoys the marsupial lawn (fancy way of saying we don’t have to do much mowing!) and keeps an eye out for an open vegetable garden gate. I have a new camera, a Canon Powershot SX40, with an an excellent zoom I was eager to try. Our friendly wallaby appeared early in the morning, snacking on grasses and taking any opportunity to groom her growing youngster. The adult female has a large paralysis tick near her left ear, it looks like a pale blue lump. This moist season increases the tick presence in the bush. My yoga students love to watch the kangaroos and wallabies grazing outside the windows of the yoga barn. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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4 thoughts on “Red-necked Wallabies

    • so glad you love the wallabies, they are always nearby, coming and going, rather fearless for wallabies who are often very cautious …the mother may have been raised by a WIRES worker (rescuing injured and abandoned wildlife) in our community ..and yes the new camera is a treat, i am busy learning how to use it, but i could do with a proper class, lol!

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