Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

It was so difficult to choose! Our breakfasts at home are gorgeous, fruit, muesli, yoghurt, or eggs and herbs from the garden, not to mention home-made sourdough toast …. but one of my favourite breakfasts is Yum Cha.

a rare quiet yum cha at Marigold

Our sons lived in the inner city (Sydney) while they were at university, so we would all meet now and then at Chinatown for Yum Cha, which literally translates as ‘drink tea’. Usually we would crowd with a stairway queue at East Ocean, or trail up escalators to Silver Spring, or cram into elevators for Marigold, then wait while waiters and waitresses ran to and fro, eventually shouting our name or number. As soon as we were seated tea would arrive, then the trolleys laden with delicious steamed buns, rice noodles and dumplings, steamed greens, and all manner of Chinese delicacies. We always finished with egg tart and coconut or mango pudding, with great sighs and protests of “no more thank you!” as the fragrant steaming trolleys continued their procession past our table. Here are some more pics, a selection taken over the past 10 years.

the more the merrier for yum cha!

serious eating

morning after a wedding ...yum cha of course!

choosing from the trolley

yum cha portrait opportunities!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

  1. Delicious. We would go to a similar ” dimsum” brunch on Sundays and it’s just a special feast. A delight to the taste buds. It also brings families together, which is a wonderful treat itself. Thanks for sharing. Amazing food selections. Beautiful photos.

  2. That is a great post and I love dimsum dishes. I like pork dumplings the most with quail eggs on top, spring rolls, steamed rice and jasmine tea. It is always a very satisfying meal. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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