Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

The Himalayan mountains are the highest on earth, a great source of wonder for those of us who are unfamiliar with tall mountains. We had a great view of the range including Mount Everest as we flew from Bhutan to Nepal in 2008.

Mt Everest, Chomolungma, Holy Mother, streaming cloud

We worked briefly in Kathmandu for a relief organisation, where we could not see the mountains for all the smog blanketing the valley. Then we escaped to Pokara, and fell under the spell of Machapuchare, or Fish Tail.  These photos were taken from our little hotel room in the warm valley, looking out onto the end of the Annapurna Range.

Machapuchare, Annapurna Range, Nepal

warm valley foliage below the snow covered peaks

We thought our sunset photos were good, but the sunrise was even more wondrous!

Machapuchare sunrise

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

    • thank you douglas, i do wonder how people can live so close to these majestic giants …we are about 40 minutes from a sacred ‘mountain’ and can feel the powerful energy clearly here at times …that is close enough for us …. just beyond her apron!

  1. Ah, such beauty to see! A very special area to traverse I am sure. Thank you so much for sharing these photos of an area I have a personal affinity for. They are very special to me.
    I look forward to your sharing more.
    Many smiles your way,

  2. I came across this post through your ‘liking’ my own post on Wonder and am so grateful to have discovered your blog. Almost 10 years ago I trekked in the Annapurna Range and was similarly awestruck by Machupuchare. Such a spiritual experience to gaze upon this most ancient and wondrous creation of mother nature. Thanks for sharing these photographs, along with aspects of your journey.
    Warm Regards, Cinova

  3. Just a mesmerizing series of wonderful photos. It felt like I was almost at heaven’s door when the mountain is at its peak…the clouds, the sky lights, the breathtaking view…..total awesomeness! Thank you……

  4. Your pictures reminded me of my trip to Gangtok and Darjeeling from where I could get my glimpse of the Himalayas especially Kanchenjunga, the 3rd tallest peak I believe. And my dad’s taken similar pics of the Annapurna range on his trip to Nepal. Very delightful and a wonder. Did you know that these mountains are still growing due to the shifts in the continental plates?

  5. Machapuchare – now you bring back old memories. What beautiful pictures of the fishtail! I once lived in Pokhara for a short time in 1986, in a bungalow owned by a ghurka warrior. Every morning this magnificent mountain met my eyes. So beautiful. I wish I could go there again. I have no photos…it didn’t seem so important in those days…I enjoy yours!

    • i cannot imagine the wonder of living there! in 1986 things must have been so unspoiled … but still the mountain took my eye of course, so magnificent!

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