World Day of Interconnectedness

Just Imagine……
a shift from llness to WE llness!

Today is 11/11/2011, Remembrance Day around the world, remembering the end of a horrific war, that also awoke in mankind the idea of learning to see our shared humanity in each other. Now 93 years later we are learning to recognise that all of life is interconnected, that every action and thought ripples out and affects all of us, all of life.

Read about a joyful worldwide celebration here  How can you add to our feeling of interconnectedness? Try smiling at people, at anyone you see, and watch that smile travel on adding a sparkle to each person it touches! Or send a beam of love and light from your heart to the heart centre of someone else. I used to do this when I traveled by public transport, or sat in a library or cafe …. it filled me such a wave of compassion and love I sometimes felt like singing …or maybe it was the angels who were singing!

Here is a little of the interconnectedness vision:

090909 moving from I llness to WE llness

A deep sense of interconnectedness, or oneness, is at the core of decisions and actions that are life affirming and good for the whole. In other words, it will bring forth an environmentally sustainable, fulfilling and socially just human presence.

2 thoughts on “World Day of Interconnectedness

  1. I love your posts/articles – they are so full of light. wild & grace started an unconventional library yesterday in aid of world interconnectedness. It’s a beautiful morning here at Mt Maunganui, New Zealand. There’s a sense of light and joyfulness outside possibly thanks to the sun and summer shining again.

  2. I posted quotes from this on my FB page for: Peace in our hearts and around the world. I’m not sure that page is very visible to people or how to make it so, but for the cumulative effect, I continue to post tidbits of peace and light there for us all.

    And yes, your posts are filled with light.

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