Thankful Thoughts: Laughter

Here is a post about Laughter from fellow blogger Caroline and I am like her …too serious sometimes! However nature sometimes makes me laugh, like the big kangaroo eating my poa plants yesterday morning …. he was comical bunching and munching them right at my back door!

They say laughter is often the best form of medicine. Today’s thankful thought is the power that laughter can awaken your spirit. I’m told that I’m too serious at times and should lighten up, so laughter does the trick. It doesn’t matter the source behind the laughter whether it’s a television show, inside joke with family, comics, or simply laughing at yourself. Perhaps you’d like to sign up for laughter yoga. (I’m not making a joke, it’s a real thing.) There are even laughter therapy sessions for cancer patients. Discover the health benefits of laughter and the science of laughter.

Benefits of Laughter: 
Boosts immunity
– Lowers stress hormones
–  Decreases pain
– Relaxes your muscles
– Prevents heart disease
– Adds joy and zest to life
– Eases anxiety and fear
– Relieves stress
-Improves mood
– Enhances resilence
– Strengths relationships
– Attracts others to us
– Enhances teamwork
-Helps defuse conflict
– Promotes group bonding

Ways to Laugh:

Smile more
– Be around fun people
– Let yourself go and not be serious
– Read the comics each day and cut those that you make you laugh.
– When something annoying or frustrating occurs turn it around and find the humor.
– Spend time with children and pets.
– Watch comedy shows.
– Write funny captions to old family photos.
– Laugh at yourself
– Speak in a foreign accent
– Make a silly routine for a normally boring activity.
– People watch to see odd behavior.
– Share jokes and ask others to give their favorite joke.

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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thoughts: Laughter

  1. Great post, laughter really is healing. I remember back when I began counselling coming out of my therapy room one day and the centre manger telling me that she could always hear laughter when I was with a client so I had to be doing a good job.

  2. Laughter yoga is a total hoot – you really must – MUST not pass up the chance if it comes your way ! What a great article. I do many of the things you list to laugh more. Especially the funny accents – maybe because I grew up hearing them. idk. Much laughter, good health and happiness to you ! – d

  3. Laughter is very necessary for this whole `experience’… I sometimes forget to laugh .. thanks for the reminder today.
    The following video really made me laugh when I first saw it … enjoy!
    ( hope this link works 🙂 )

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