Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Butterfly on meadow flower, Languedoc, France

I crouched in the long grass, fascinated by the butterflies, using my little old Canon Ixus on macro, hoping for something like this!

Electric car passing on a Paris street

In Paris you see many small cars, but this one was the smallest yet. Electric vehicles present an opportunity for cleaner air in our cities, especially if the electricity comes from a clean source such as solar.

one year old in green tutu

My last photo for “opportunity” a granddaughter wearing her new green tutu, caught in a rare still-ish moment taking the opportunity to place a cog in a toy as she passes.  Shhh, click!

Here are some more opportunity photos:











20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

    • Yes those curls were gorgeous, but only a few days ago they were trimmed away, and now reside in a plastic bag for posterity! Now that she is a busy two year old the hair brushing got too much 🙂

  1. The third picture of your granddaughter is really lovely. The fragility of the child, the green tutu and her complete focused attention to the little toy, makes it stand out. And it’s really wonderful how she can sit on her heals so relaxed and comfortable.

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