Uranus square Pluto

Here is a lucid explanation of the astrology of change affecting us all at the moment … from Planet Waves and Eric Francis. I have just snipped a little bit of the post, so see the link below to get the whole story and pictures of Occupy in Times Square NY.

Set Your Watch: It’s Time for Uranus Square Pluto 

A few times at the protest I was asked what I do, and I said that I’m the editor of an astrology website. In answer to, “Is this in the astrology?” I said yes — it’s the Uranus-Pluto cycle. It’s the same cycle that was going off in the 1960s. I know I’ve explained this a few times. It’s not easy for everyone to understand. We are now entering an extended peak of this cycle, and at the moment we have many options for how we use this energy.

Planet Waves
The Earth Day flag made an appearance at Times Square on Saturday night, a reminder that we live on one world. Photo by Eric Francis.

Uranus (the faster of the two planets, orbiting the Sun once in just over 84 years) has the themes of sudden upheaval, surprises, invention and forward-thinking. When Uranus gets into the picture, events proceed quickly. The best advice any astrologer can give is to expect the unexpected, and work with it rather than against it. Pluto (the slower of the two planets, taking 251 years to go around the Sun) takes anything it touches deeper. In the psyche it’s related to the drive to make contact with one’s soul, as well as profound transformations. In society, Pluto can represent control dramas as well as profound restructuring of cultural institutions: for example, the government, banks, corporations and the empire itself.

Put these two planets together and amazing things happen. Uranus and Pluto will make a big aspect every 40 to 50 years or so, which is like a shakeup of the accumulated material, outdated ideas, stuck institutions and stuck people. It’s almost always a revolutionary era.

It’s astonishing how dependable this particular cycle really is. When I say that the current movement is just getting going, and is going to last for years, I am speaking with authentic confidence that is grounded in history. Perhaps the most famous time frame associated with Uranus-Pluto is that of the French Revolution. Uranus and Pluto were opposite one another (literally, on opposite sides of the Sun) from 1787 through 1798, closely overlapping the revolutionary era of 1789 through the late 1790s. This revolution was not all fun and games. The accumulated outrage both at centuries of repression by the monarchy and the church came busting out violently. It did not end well; in many ways the opportunity was squandered. After a brief period of a constitutional republic, by late 1804 France had an emperor, in the person of Napoleon I.

Another famous period was the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1848-1849. This was the peak of a wide-reaching wave of change that culminated with revolutions spreading across Europe faster than the mail could travel, including Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Dresden, Baden, Prague, Rome and Milan. Astrologer-historian Richard Tarnas describes this as “the sudden eruption of a collective revolutionary impulse affecting an entire continent with mass insurrections, the emergence of radical political and social movements, revolts for nationalist independence, and the abrupt overthrow of governments.”

Planet Waves
The heart of the matter: sign saying that the richest 1% of Americans control 40% of the wealth. Photo by Eric Francis.

Then there was the conjunction of the 1960s, which had a similar revolutionary spirit. This was expressed in student uprisings, stunning advances in art, music and technology, the anti-war movement, the environmental movement, the Moon landing and Woodstock — to name a few events we think of that happened during a concentrated time in history. John F. Kennedy was assassinated, which was a kind of revolution, and Richard Nixon both came to power and was finally thrown out of office as the conjunction waned. That also had the feeling of a revolution, perhaps more poignantly than the JFK assassination. After a brief period of collectivism, we then embarked on a 30-year phase where politics and nearly every other facet of public life swung toward corporate power and military domination of the world.

It’s fair to say that Uranus-Pluto aspects are amazing while they last, and then the end result is a gamble. It’s easy to throw out the stodgy old jerks who were oppressing you; it’s hard to build a new world. What world we are going to build is exactly what we need to be thinking about right now. What we would do if we had the power to make changes is not just something we need to be pondering but putting into action right now.

Read more here at Planet Waves


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