Sri Yantra

I have been out and about, driving thousands of kms for a yoga convention and family visits during the spring holidays. It has all been wonderful, I am bursting with great things to share! So starting simply here is a photograph of a detail of Tim Johnson’s work “Lotus Born 2006” seen at the Art Gallery of NSW a few days ago.  I loved this when I first saw it years ago, so was glad to look more closely this time.

Sri Yantra, detail from Tim Johnson's painting "Lotus Born 2006"

The Sri Yantra consists of 9 interlocking triangles, perhaps those pointing down speak of masculine energy coming down from Father Sky, and those pointing up remind us of feminine energy rising up from Mother Earth. The triangles can be imagined as meeting at our Heart centre, where we integrate all aspects of ourselves. This yantra is a powerful focus for meditation, and set here amongst the fine white dots reminding us of our ancient indigenous Australian culture it is especially rich.

let's chat about this ...

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