Starlight and Clay

My fellow blogger Napkinwriter follows a wonderfully creative spiritual woman, Jan Phillips. Are you creative? then let me share a little from Napkinwriters latest blog:

These words from Jan Phillip’s poetry cannot fail to inspire anyone in love with creating:

“We who are alive today are creating tomorrow 
with our thoughts and words.
We are shaping ourselves and our cultures 
by what we do and fail to do.
Justice and mercy are the works of our hands.” 

And the next time you’re feeling a bit on the low side, take these words to heart from Jan Phillips’ poem, “We Who Are Alive Today”  2011

“We are made of starlight and clay, minerals and meteor dust.
We are the Infinite Wave concentrated into finite particles,
light years compressed into the speck of a lifetime”

We are who we are, photo by Jan Phillips. (Isn’t that a great thing to say!!! my comment, dadirridreaming)

Read her latest book, “No Ordinary Time, The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence and Evolutionary Creativity”.

For informative, fascinating and inspiring reading, buy a copy of the book at her website

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