Caving at Grey Rocks

Grey Rocks

Our grandchildren had a fabulous time playing at Grey Rocks today. One of the granite boulders has a hole in the top, that opens into a space below and an exit they can crawl through …what a highlight!

showing the way!

deep inside!

next one down

feeling the way down

ready to drop

found some footing

waiting for him to reappear

phew! out again!!!!

2 thoughts on “Caving at Grey Rocks

  1. Beautiful – captures Exloration wonderfully — so let’s explore today! Do you know what a soul-friend you have become to me? I am so grateful for the essences — they are influencing my life in ways I am not yet ready to write about. I have a sense that “someday” a dream will be fulfilled and Tom and I will be able to visit you; Always had Australia on our wish list, now I have a soul reason for doing so — I sense Pilgrimage!

  2. Dear Sue, I do so hope you will be able to come over here for a visit! Also really pleased you are enjoying working with the essences, they are very fine and subtle. What a good thing we met through our blogging, I always enjoy your writing, find it inspiring, so I aim to be deeper in my writing too. At present life seems so speedy, it is more important than ever to do the inner work.

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