Double rainbow over Mullimburra Point

Rainbows mean different things to different people. The bright colours lighting up the sky after a storm bring relief; hope and joy blossom again. The storms in our lives gradually fade and we glimpse the joy of renewal, of learning and change, of growth and wisdom.

For Australia’s indigenous people the rainbow was understood as the great Creator, the Rainbow Serpent. As this giant snake, the largest of the Dreamtime creatures moved across the flat land the thrusts of his body created all the features in the landscape, mountains, rivers, gullies and waterholes. When the Rainbow Serpent was finished he was tired and curled up to rest in a waterhole, so now he is seen arching across the sky after rain, reminding us of the awesome power of Nature.

Like the indigenous people of all continents we need to align ourselves with nature, with the divine, with life more urgently than ever. Let the rainbow remind you, let your heart fill with joy and gratitude, we are creatures of God and can never be separated from the divine love within which we arise.  Which colour speaks to you today ….let yourself shine!

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