Rainbow Light

At this time of year the angle of the sun hitting the edges of our high glass louvres creates mini rainbows around the room. Bars of colour make bright spectrums on the walls, and wherever else they land. Our little granddaughter wanted to sit in the rainbow light, fascinated at this everyday miracle.

Rainbows are uplifting for all of us, an ancient symbol of things getting better. Children love rainbows too, delighting in the awesome colours. We have a story book about sending rainbows to those who are sad or hurt, to comfort and heal them, and another book about wrapping a child in a rainbow.

Petrea King, who works with those who face the challenges of illness or trauma, uses the rainbow as a sign of hope, and has written the children’s books and a special ritual for children around the rainbow. You can find these on the Quest for Life website. The bedtime ritual of wrapping a child in the colours of the rainbow is especially beautiful. You can download and print a colourful pdf file here.

Here is sample of the ritual …. you can get the rest yourself!

When a child is ready for sleep, ask them to snuggle down into a comfortable position so that you can wrap them up in a rainbow. You can ask the child to close their eyes so that they can imagine better. 

Running your hand lightly over the whole of their body, from the top of their head to the tips of their toes, ask the child to imagine that you’re wrapping them up in a cloud of red – the colour of tomatoes and fire engines. 

You can ask the child if they can see the colour – children can always visualise colours. 

Next, still running your hand lightly over their body, you ask the child to imagine that you’re wrapping them up in a cloud of orange – the colour of oranges, marigolds and nasturtiums. 

When you have wrapped the child in all seven colours you say a prayer such as:
I wrap you in a rainbow of light to care for you all through the night. Your guardian angel watches from above and showers you with her great love. 

These are valuable resources for all who love and care for children who might be suffering.

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