Revitalised Water

We live in the country and collect rainwater from our roof. It tastes delicious. But after reading Victor Shauberger‘s book on water we thought of our big underground concrete tank as rather unfriendly to our beautiful water, indeed devitalising. Water really needs to move to remain alive, fresh and pure.

our underground water tank has a terrace on top

Victor suggested we look to Nature to learn about healthy water, and he designed an egg shaped water container that allows a constant flow of movement to revitalise and energise water. There are people all over the world making containers like this now. Here is just one of many, Living Water Flowforms. The image below illustrates the movement of water in the egg shape.

We like to support our local artisans, so we looked to a local potter who throws large vessels.

John Payne, Bingie Pottery

John Payne lives just around the corner, so we called in and asked him about water containers. He had two fresh from the kiln! We were thrilled to come home with our new water urn.

crystal glazed water vessel by John Payne

This design includes a ceramic filter, but is otherwise rather egg-shaped, and very beautiful. Already we have noticed a difference in the quality of the water. Don’t you love the exquisite crystal glaze!


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