Angels in a Doorway (via Napkinwriter)

A beautiful message from Angels, written by my blogging friend Napkinwriter …pay attention to the space between where you are now and where you are going …

Angels in a Doorway

In an open doorway, there is a space. It is the space between where you are and where you are going. Pay attention to what comes to you when you open this door with the space between you and your future. We are in that spac … Read More

via Napkinwriter

2 thoughts on “Angels in a Doorway (via Napkinwriter)

  1. Reblogged this on Napkinwriter and commented:
    DADIRRIDREAMING DIALOGUES — On August 25, 2011 dadirri7 reblogged this poem I had written on her blog. Angels in the Doorway. I posted this after Tom, during an early recovery from a major back surgery, got up in the middle of the night because he heard voices, looked down the hallway into a space between kitchen area and open living area, and saw two light beings engaged in discussion. Christine Whitelaw was not surprised at this.

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