Vesica Pisces

On Saturday evening we attended a Harp concert in the ancient church known as the Abbey of Alet les Bains at Alet les Bains. The beautiful old church, founded in 813 AD on a Gaulish site and consecrated to the Virgin Mary is standing amongst ruins.

The Abbey of Alet les Bains, the most beautiful ruin in France

The star shaped windows are striking, reflecting the early Jewish population, or early Christian or NeoPagan or Wiccan interests, see Pentagram to muse on this further.

The church was full for the concert! Singer songwriter and harpist Ani Williams presented a sweet and moving evening of music, including a Celtic drum, a crystal bowl and the harp. Her songs were about the great passion of her life, the Divine feminine. She sang of Mary Magdalene, of She, of Saraswati, the Mother, and her songs included words by the devotional Sufi poets, Rumi and Hafiz.

Ani Williams playing in the Abbey of Alet Les Bains

One of the wonderful things we noticed about the stained glass windows in this church was the prevalence of the Vesica Pisces. All the men depicted in the windows were enclosed on the great feminine symbol of the Vesica Pisces, the vulva, the birth canal.

look closely to see the vesica pices around each man's image

In a locked alcove we could see the treasures of the church, which included a Madonna statue, very old and very beautiful. Isis and her son Horus were commonly depicted as Mother and Child statues long before Mary and Jesus, just as Isis and Osiris was the most popular story of death and resurrection before Jesus.

Madonna and Child, Alet les Bains

While reading my astrology blog today I found this: Venus has moved into Cancer, so “Anything in Cancer invokes the idea of mother and that which nourishes, particularly a deeply feminine planet such as Venus. We have an image of cosmic mother’s milk that sustains us as we live our lives here in the deeps of space, seemingly on the edge of nowhere.

Our current sky is more wet with feminine energy than anything we’ve experienced in many years. The Sun, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto are all in feminine signs, cooling and calming the energy after a decade dominated by fire and air. To many of us it’s seemed like there would be no end to the constant parade of aggression, war and the drive for more. Planets in feminine signs, particularly the gods of transformation Chiron, Neptune and Pluto, speak of a time when there is such a thing as enough. Add Venus to that mix and actual fulfillment may be possible, which is a sense of resting gently in who you are, what you have and what you are becoming. Water and earth working together nourish growth and foster a sense of contact with the planet that sustains us.”

Yay, not a moment too soon I say. Breathe easy, change is on the way.


4 thoughts on “Vesica Pisces

  1. Hello, a belated response to your insightful blog on the Vesicas surrounding the saints in Alet windows and the synchronistic alignments in the sign of Cancer, the Great Mother…the connection with Venus is especially close to my heart. I look forward to my return to France this coming spring and hope to do another concert in Alet! Thank you!

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