Dancing Trees

Today I walked on the Bingi Dreaming Track, a cool cloudy morning, the earth damp from rain. I will write more about the birds I met later …. they were delighting in moisture and the respite after a few showery days. I went all the way to Grey Rocks, but as I passed a group of small twisted red gums (E. tereticornis) I stopped and spoke to them. Sixteen years ago I climbed several trees and gathered seed, which I later germinated. Those young trees are growing on our land, part of our bush regeneration scheme.

Old red gums behind the sand dunes near Grey Rocks

As I stood silently communing with the old trees I “saw” them dancing, a group of old women, singing and dancing their dreaming while the younger trees stood around in a circle, playing clap sticks and chanting. On the edge of the circle an even older tree sang the drone.

I walked on, resting on the great granite boulders of Grey Rocks, watching the huge seas pounding in against the sturdy uncomplaining earth, waves curling and foaming, streaming spray and smashing powerfully down onto the rocks. The sea was silver, reflecting the grey sky, a moving ocean of silver meeting the grey granite, smoothly rounded feminine forms … I thought of the masculine and feminine energy in our bodies, how in yoga we associate ida nadi with feminine, silver, moon and left, while pingala nadi is masculine, gold, sun and right. Early this morning there was a full eclipse of the moon. Lying on the rocks I could feel the left side of my body tingling. Opening my eyes I looked south and saw Gulaga, the sacred women’s mountain. She has her own great granite tors.

Gulaga, sacred women's mountain, seen from Grey Rocks, Bingie

Coming back, I entered the circle and sat with the trees. The old women. The divine feminine. Listening, silent, still, blessed. Then a small bunch of gum blossom fell onto my head, a final benediction from the old trees, making me laugh.

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