Joy of Being Retreat

This years Joy of Being retreat builds on the glorious adventures and deeply nurturing qualities of the past two retreats at Dadirri. The program will be similar; gentle restorative yoga, teaching on an earth-centered theme in keeping with the beauty of the national park that surrounds us, nourishing food mostly from our organic garden, an exciting art workshop with Stuart, and opportunities to explore the beaches and bushland tracks here at Mullimburra Point.

Wendy and Me at Dadirri

Our guest presenter is a wonderful Australian woman who now leads spiritual tours in France, indulging her passionate interest in the Divine Feminine. Wendy Batchelor was one of my teachers when I studied with IYTA to become a yoga teacher. She gave me the most compassionate feedback on my essays, so I felt a warm connection with her even before we met. Now this year Wendy and I will work together in France for a week or so, making essences in some very special places, where the Feminine has been honoured in the landscape for many thousands of years. Wendy has travelled to sacred places throughout Europe and Australia, and has a special affinity for wells and pools. When she was here at Dadirri in February she delighted in the energy lines she could feel in some of my special places, and distinguished them as masculine and feminine energy, like the Michael and Mary lines in Europe.

Wendy at Grey Rocks

Yoga will be gentle, slow and often passive, using bolsters and blankets to support the body in healing and soothing postures. No previous experience is need! We will meditate in the landscape, finding our own personal connection with the elements or places that draw us.

chair yoga after lunch

outdoor sequence

supported bolster twist

In his exuberant way Stuart will find the artist in everyone, providing experiences that release our inner joy and creativity, using simple materials in a completely non-threatening manner. Prepare to be delighted!

sponge and reed to apply colour

experience of Grey Rocks

in the studio

ochres in front, fumage behind

Accommodation is casual camping, either indoor or outdoor. There are many soft places to sleep indoors, just bring your sleeping bag or bedding, or if you prefer try the timber tent amongst the casuarinas, or bring your tent. Last year one couple brought their caravan.

timber tent

preparing salads

one of the lunch tables

Food is always a feature, vegetarian, wholesome, organic and homegrown!

To see photos of the 2010 Joy of Being retreat, look here, and here for 2009,  and here is the art from JOB 2009! What a lot of fun we have enjoyed!

To find out more or register your interest please email

3 thoughts on “Joy of Being Retreat

  1. Oh my gosh! I’d be there in a heartbeat, if travel were possible for us to Australia now. Maybe if I receive top dollar for my interview I’m working on, we could make one of our travel goals come true. I’ll stay open to abundance.

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