Be Here Now for Happiness

New Scientist dated 16 May 2011 has a special report on happiness. There are a few gems to share with you!

Daniel Gilbert is currently studying 5000 people worldwide, asking them to report at any given minute how they are feeling and what they are doing. He says:

“People are happiest when thinking about what they are doing and not something else. This is true even when commuting or washing up.

People who are “here and now” seem happier than those who aren’t. That is one reason social interaction makes people happy. When you talk to someone, your mind rarely wanders because you are listening and thinking about what to say. Interaction keeps us tethered to the moment. It doesn’t allow us to float away”

So dont be tempted to think “pleasant thoughts” when you are doing a yucky job, just be in the moment, be present, and be happy. As for spreading happiness, is there someone who needs a little more social interaction … someone you could visit … or pop over and speak to? Someone alone, or in hospital or a care facility? Someone you could invite out for a coffee and a chat?

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