Married 40 years

In a few days my husband and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. How wonderful it is to reflect back over those years together, all that long time shared with each other. The youngsters who met as teenagers and got together in their early twenties are hardly recognisable now, it seems easier to remember a car or a holiday. The deep love and respect we have has grown with time, with all the daily choices, words and deeds, in which we have attempted to care for each other. All those moments somehow for us adding up to a long and rich life together, for which we are very grateful.

When we first saw each other we enjoyed that mesmerising “spark” across a crowded room, and it was not until a few years later that we got together, with that fated feeling of “this is it”. Somehow we knew we were meant to be together, and over the years, through thick and thin, we have reaped the rewards. There were plenty of opportunities to learn patience, kindness, understanding, generosity, tolerance, forgiveness and endurance, just as there was a great deal of fun, adventure, hard work, joy and music.

So this is a post about the value of sticking with it, of making room for each other, of rejoicing in our differences and celebrating what we have in common. A good marriage is forged in the fires of life, and ours has emerged so far strong and vibrant, with a feeling of a lot more growing and sharing yet to come.


One thought on “Married 40 years

  1. A beautiful fire you’ve described. Congratulations on your 40th year shared and loved together. I love the photo — looks meant to be to me — also I love the tie, I used to make Tom ties like that to wear into Blue Chip corporate life in the 1970s. Again, beautiful photos, beautiful lives. Shouldn’t there be an essence for that?

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