What does it mean to be vulnerable? Is it something we all try to avoid?

My MGA 1971

I remember years ago rationalising about the possibility of being caught speeding, not that I was much of speedster, but I did like to drive at the speed limit, which of course can lead to momentary oversights. I worked out that if one day I was caught it would actually be fair, to make up for all the other days that I had not been caught whizzing along a little fast. That was a ploy to reduce my vulnerability.

But in many ways we protect ourselves like a crab, keeping our tender parts safely within a shell. Not speaking up when we might be attacked, not loving unconditionally in case we are not loved in return, not helping out in case we are rejected, not befriending an outsider in case of criticism, and so on.  Now a researcher tells us that avoiding vulnerability also means missing out on happiness, joy, gratitude, and other marvellous states of being that come with the territory. It seems living well means open-hearted living, being willing to take a risk, to be ourselves, to feel the full range of emotions without damping down any of them.

Hmm, sounds like yoga nidra, allowing everything to be present, to have its moment, to dissolve and pass away. Nothing good, nothing bad, everything just is. Her TED talk is inspirational …. take 20 minutes to watch and listen to Brene Brown.

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