Eastern Sky

There is a marvelous sight in the eastern sky just before dawn, where the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury are aligned like dew drops sparkling on a web.

I have been watching them, when the clouds permit, and find it thrilling to see these planets so close together in the sky. At present they are still in Aries, the fiery sign that is all about me, me, me and new beginnings ….. but by this time next week they will have moved into earthy Taurus, and we should feel the drop in tension! According to Len Wallick “their common and collective activity imply that we are somewhere in the midst of setting new patterns and starting new cycles in our lives”.

Things feel very intense and busy for me, with changes abounding, how about you? Let those new cycles and patterns be what you really want, not what someone else has corralled you into. Stay in touch with your heart, when you feel at peace you are making the right choices!

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