Light, Peace, Bliss, Illumination

This exquisite song is the Anusara yoga version of an ancient mantra. The sanskrit words are translated by John Friend in a way that I find especially illuminating. It starts: 

Om Namah Shivaaya“, which we usually understand to mean I bow down to the Divine within, and continues “Gurave” meaning unto the Spiritual master.

but John gives us “I offer myself to the Light, the Auspicious Lord, Who is the True Teacher within and without

Next line “Sacchidananda murtaye” translates “Who assumes the forms of Reality, Consciousness and Bliss

then “Nishprananchaya shaantaya“, “Who is never absent and is full of peace” 

and finally “Niraalambaaya Tejase” translated as “Independent in His existence, He is the vital essence of illumination

When I read or sing these words I leave out the gendered words, He and His, as I understand the Divine Inner Teacher as being pure consciousness, genderless as we are without our human bodies … so try it that way, “Independent in existence, the vital essence of illumination” ….. Isn’t that great … it gives me the shivers!! Singing the mantra you are affirming that inside and outside yourself is the True Teacher, the Light, who is Reality, Consciousness and Bliss, never absent, full of peace, independent, the vital essence of illumination. Do you need reminding that the Light, Peace, Consciousness and Bliss are within you?

Try singing along with this beautiful version: 

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