“Remember always, not with my speech, not with my eyes, not even with my mind will that Self be reached. It will declare itself to me only in my stillness.” Katha Upanishad, (800-400BCE) India.

Our world has become very noisy, with the sounds of machines never far away from us, and a constant stream of music, voices and images issuing from our media devices. Right now, in my rural beachside home I can hear a mower coming and going as my husband mows to collect grass clippings to make compost for the vegetable garden. I keep the sound muted on my laptop, but when checking out a video to share with you I turned it on a few minutes ago. However silence is easier to find here than in the city, and our own inner silence is easier still to contact.

There are many advantages to spending a little while in silence. Here is paragraph from an essay by Susan Hill “Silence, Please” :

“A friend teaches in a primary school and her class raised money by having a sponsored silence. Not only did they do well financially — she told me that they enjoyed the novelty of being quiet so much they asked if they could have a “silent time” more often, so she has set aside half an hour for it every Friday afternoon. It has had a magical effect on the behaviour of some hyperactive seven year olds, and when asked to draw or write a description of what the silence means to them, what they feel or think or imagine or hear or see when they are inside their silent space, she told me that the results are the best of any she has had from them. They have focused and concentrated, and gone down into their own minds and hearts, to become aware of all kinds of subtleties and minute details of the world around them, as well as within themselves, in the stillness and quietness.”

Silent, doing nothing, listening to the still small voice within, to the whispers of nature, and the Divine, who is all around us and in our hearts continuously. Deepak Chopra says “Silence is the great teacher and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it. There is no substitute for the creative inspiration, knowledge, and stability that come from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence.” By spending a little while in silence every day we get to know ourselves, and learn to quieten the mind, thereby discovering inner peace. He gives a simple lesson in the following video.

2 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I love the quiet and then I listened to noisey Bill O’Reilly! I love your topics; I was co-facilitator of a Noon-time Centering Prayer group downtown Kalamazoo for several years; people were grateful to come in the middle of their business day. I’ve fantacized about providing a place of quiet and accepting love offerings for sustaining it, but I don’t currently have the resources to provide the space; or maybe I should have followed up on that a long time ago; we’ll see which it is.

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