We will be visiting Chartres Cathedral in June, for about the 5th time. What is it that keeps drawing us back? I think it is the amazing energy focussed there, powerful feminine energy. Chartres also has a beautiful labyrinth, pilgrims have been walking the narrow path for hundreds of years. 

Labyrinths have only one path, that leads eventually into the centre of the space. The path at Chartres is set in a circular shape, the circle speaking of wholeness, the whole of life, or self. It winds through each of four quadrants, binding us into our Mother Earth, and her elements, Earth Air Fire and Water. As the walker meanders through the labyrinth, switching back and forth, yet not retracing any steps until the centre is reached, there is time for reflection, the steady pattern creating a meditative flow, a journey into the centre where stillness awaits.

walking the labyrinth

Some wonderful women celebrated the Winter solstice here last year by holding a workshop of meditation, yoga, mandalas and the highlight, the labyrinth. We traced the pattern in the sand, and walked in turn, taking something of ourselves into the middle, and bringing something new back.

It is easy to create your own labyrinth, drawing as we did here, or using sticks or stones to mark out the space. My friend Lenore made one here on our land about ten years ago, marking it out with sticks that had fallen from the casuarinas. She has made others in the bushland, creating a sweet surprise for walkers to find! There are patterns online for all kinds, surely one just perfect for you. Here is a video of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth. 

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  1. I was in Chartres with my husband on a retreat with Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress in 2000. We lived for 5 days at the seminary next to the Cathedral and really enjoyed the whole experience. Since we went “through Paris” on the way in and back again, we stopped over (nobody just goes thru Paris!) for a few days before coming home, having the good fortune to stay with a famous author & French TV writer, and her American action-actor husband, just off the Chantel Elyesse. (spelling is awful, I know) We are grateful for the memories!

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