Thinking about clouds, the elements of water and air, ephemeral, appearing and disappearing before our eyes. Yet not just like fairy floss, light and charming, but also heavy, dark and strong, perhaps more like the feelings that run through our human bodies, or even like the thoughts that come and go unbidden in our minds. Some so pale, hardly there, others brilliant, vivid, riveting our attention, some turbulent, shape-shifting, still others sombre and unmoving. Are we caught up in the show, hooked into the feelings, or can we step back and watch it all coming and going? Thoughts, feelings, events, people, coming and going in our lives, nothing good or bad, everything perfect as we look on calmly with an unruffled demeanor. An observer, greeting everything with equanimity.

When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.  ~Buddha

Here are some clouds from my photo library.

storm clouds

clouds over wheatfield

white clouds

cumulus clouds at sea

rain squall

streaky morning clouds

ocean sunrise

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