Coherency is Good for You

I am reading HeartMath, a strange name for a book about listening to your heart. The theory is like this: Your heart has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, and the other systems function more efficiently when they are in harmony with the heart. This is known as entrainment. When the heart is being listened to, all the other systems come into the heart’s rhythm, and coherency reigns. When the body is in a state of coherence, different systems are oscillating at the same rhythm and rate. This creates synchronized wave patterns that lead to more order, more unity, more working together, which is healthier. 

Vice versa, when we ignore the heart and get caught up in stressful racing thoughts, anxious or angry feelings, our body systems lack coherency, this increases our stress, creating a nasty merry-go-round of stress, discomfort, and more stress. All this stress is very hard on the body, creating damage to tissues and organs that manifest as ill health. So what is the answer, how do we short-circuit the crazy stress situation?

Listen to the heart ….. become quiet for a moment, take attention to the heart, rest awareness there, and remember a loving or fun feeling, a warm time with a child, a friend or lover, feel that feeling again in your heart, now ask your heart how to respond in a better way to the situation that is triggering your stress …. and listen to that still small voice. As you listen, the heart is able to use its own wisdom and creativity to offer a new perspective, hope emerges and stress drops away. Do this not just once, but over and over again, until referring to the heart becomes a habit, perception and thinking are transformed, and stressful responses to everyday challenges become of the past.

This fits so beautifully with the teaching of Yoga and Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine, bringing peace and loving-kindness into the body is healing, being heart-centred is good for you, good for all of us.

If you would like to read more, here is a good online source of information, at Knowing Our Hearts here is another from a TCM point of view and below is a video from HeartMath.

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