Roundedness, Spaciousness

Spaciousness, roundedness, a feeling of expansiveness, are these the qualities we enjoy in a day? Michael Leunig writes as Mr Curly in The Curly Pyjama Letters about the difficulty in measuring a day, and decides that rather than a long or a short day,  a rounded day is the kind we enjoy most, since it contains more happiness which is also of a rounded shape. I have discovered that other feelings have a rounded shape, for example contentment, satisfaction, appreciation, gratitude. Feel them when you are practising opposites in yoga nidra, their opposites such as dissatisfaction are all of a mean narrow jarring shape!

Mr Curly continues to reflect on the roundedness of life, concluding that a rounded life (rather than a long or short life) is a happy life. Indigenous societies who live with awareness of nature and the five elements would understand the value of roundedness. Space is the element that contains all the the others, fire, water, air, and earth can only exist in space. When there is too little space things are compressed, fire cannot burn properly, water cannot flow, air cannot move, earth is hard rather than nourishing. With too much space things are also out of balance, disconnected and distant. In our lives too little space leaves us dominated by everything that arises, too little leaves us rootless and lost.

View above the campsite at Tjilpa

My Space essence was made out in the centre of Australia, while visiting Tnorala as guests of Herman and Mavis Malbunka, with a walking tour Into the Blue. Tnorala was formed 142.5 million years ago when an object from space, believed to be a comet about 600 metres across, crashed to earth, blasting a crater some 20km across. According to Aboriginal belief, Tnorala was formed in the creation time, when a group of women danced across the sky as the Milky Way. During this dance, a mother put her baby aside, resting in its wooden baby-carrier. The carrier toppled over the edge of the dancing area and crashed to earth where it was transformed into the circular rock walls of Tnorala. Now every night the parents of the lost child still travel across the sky, looking for their baby. We see them as the Morning Star and Evening Stars. See an interview with Mavis here for the full story, and a little video of Tnorala.

With Mavis and granddaughters around the campfire

I climbed the rocky cliffs at our campsite Tjilpa nearby, where you look away to the north and west until you see the curving horizon, vast potent country.  The essence was made there. What an amazing experience of Space, the country where space had sent a gift, where space spread vast and free all around.

Space essence brings your space into balance, life seems less cluttered, clearer and calmer. One woman noticed three main effects: “I started activities that I had wanted to do for some time but could not fit in .. now I did not feel as overwhelmed or powerless” “Even when I was extremely busy I fitted more in, and felt more efficient”, and “life became more multi-dimensional … I can now access layers of myself that I haven’t visited for along time, or that I haven’t discovered before”.

Ahhh, the roundedness and spaciousness of life!

2 thoughts on “Roundedness, Spaciousness

  1. I am looking forward to receiving the great gift of Space essence. I am sure I will have wonders to share. I like that it relates to roundedness also because my doctor has pronounced me exhuberently healthy, with all lab test indicators moving from already good to excellent, and not said one word about weight — while I have come to live in, appreciate, love and explore my roundedness.

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