Pure Potentiality

Sitting quietly in nature, dadirri, is recognised by teachers in all spiritual traditions as a powerful practice. The quietness helps us find ourselves, to commune with the inner nature, the source of wisdom and life. In this stillness the body heals, cells renew, tissues rebuild, aging slows. But much more is happening!

Deepak Chopra suggests that practising silence opens the door to much more than we expect. Through silence we begin to understand that we are more than a body and mind, we are consciousness itself. As we discover the timeless boundless Self within we meet the Law of Pure Potentiality, which is a quality of our essential nature. We move beyond being dependent on the approval of others, and begin to follow our inner guidance, based on love, not fear. Living from our true Self draws to us all we need to live abundantly, “it magnetizes people, situations and circumstances to support your desires”. The more tuned we become to nature, the more nature’s unbounded creativity flows through us. Living fearlessly, with a loving heart, daring to dream creatively,  and seeing our desires materialise before us!

My husband is involved in many community projects, and he often tells me about an idea or desire, only to see it come into being synchronistically soon after. He shakes his head in amazement, how could it be? but we know the universe is providing once again. I needed someone to come with a chainsaw to give us a hand, I left it with the universe, and only two weeks later it is all done, and everyone is delighted.

The first step in accessing your inner potentiality is stillness, quietness, and the second is being with nature, yes, dadirri. The third step is non-judgment, more on that another day.

Twin Falls, Springbrook Plateau, Qld

One thought on “Pure Potentiality

  1. Thanks for the reminders of right where I am — staying tuned for your next entry. Nature Center ahead for granddaughter, who loves it, as weather warms a bit here in Michigan. Yoga was sooooooooooooo good this morning.

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