Ancestor Peace

We are all influenced strongly by our ancestors, even if we do not realise it. Family patterns are passed on to us not only in our genes, and through our socialisation, but also as energy imprints, that somehow cause the same things to be enacted in generation after generation. So not only health, lifestyle, attitudes and beliefs and so on, but also the good or bad ‘luck’ that was also with our parents, and their parents.

Me (on R) with my sisters, mother and grandmother after the birth our of baby brother.

Many cultures honor their ancestors, something we westerners have neglected for a long time. Now there is  a great movement towards discovering our forebears and telling their stories, a way of acknowledging and appreciating those who went before us. I have written a book about my courageous g-g-grandmother Mary Harris who came to Australia as a pioneer in the 1850’s. Researching the family tree reveals much courage, suffering and tragedy, and attempts to hide what was not acceptable at the time, such as common law marriages or births out of wedlock. In my family I was lucky my grandmother has kept a torn photo of Mary and her third husband at the time of their marriage, when they were in their seventies. Their three daughters and offspring tried to destroy all the photos of her, and themselves, when they realised the shame that their parents were not properly married at the time they were born.

Mary Harris and her third husband John Crabtree.

One of the essences I made in 2010 is called Ancestor Peace. It was a gift from the guardians of Wollumbin, Mt Warning, in northern NSW. I followed their guidance to collect the energy, and a few minutes after I had gathered the finished essence a huge tree fell beside the track. It slid down the steep mountainside, crashing loudly, sending rocks rolling and smashing through the bushland. No-one was hurt, and when we eventually reached the place where it lay across the track we were the first people descending to scramble through the tangled branches. I was told that this essence would bring the pain and suffering of the ancestors down in a similar dramatic manner, as they are released from suffering, so we, their descendants are also freed. As we are freed, so our descendants are also free from those patterns, and the old pain ends here.

I give thanks for all who came before me, appreciating all the lives lived out so that the gift of life at last came to me. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!


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