Striped Marsh Frog

We OM together at the close of the yoga class, feeling ourselves integrated with the Infinite. At present there is a continual loud OM sounding from the wetland, where Striped Marsh Frogs are singing loudly. At times they sound more like a diesel generator chugging amongst the trees.  The egg masses vibrate, sending ripples out though the shallow water, yes, the males use the eggs for cover as they summon the females!


Their song, their bubbles of eggs, are a rich reward for the efforts we made to protect their environment. When we bought this land 21 years ago it included 3.5 acres of wetlands, that neither the local council nor national parks wanted. So we designed our house, gardens, orchard and water treatment system to prevent any nutrients flowing towards the waterway. It created a few minor inconveniences, but the pleasure we feel after rain fills the swamp and the frogs reappear in good voice, is something beyond measuring!

When we were watching them early in the morning after heavy rain a young elver swam past me, heading upstream from the beach towards our dams and lily pond. Life is abundant and miraculous.


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