Transcending ‘Little Me’

In astrology big things are happening, and one little clue just now is the conjunction of Mercury (thought) and Jupiter (expansion), in the sign of Aries, which is all about me, myself and I. We can no longer afford to think only of ourselves, on this small blue planet we all call home, we must realise that every action of our own affects every other being who lives here.

According to my favourite astro blogger on Planet Waves, Len Wallick:

“The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (tomorrow) is a cue to go beyond the necessary and powerful initiative of self-awareness as a being in a body that Aries represents. It is time to go beyond that necessary and valid beginning to growth and development; time to go beyond and transcend to seeing ourselves in others, to transcend to a great awakening that has been long in coming.  ……… The Sabian symbol for this day (Sun at 24 Pisces) speaks to “a small island, surrounded by a vast expanse of sea,” where “people are seen living in close interaction.” That’s us, folks: on small Island Earth, in the vast expanse of the cosmos, the only place we can live.

Seeing ourselves in others, recognising our connection, the oneness of all that is. We are not just bodies or minds, we are consciousness, vast unbounded being, radiant presence.  Now is the time to realise it!

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