During this first week of Stillness Training we have talked about Being in Relationship. A basic requirement for practicing cranial work is to be with yourself in a calm conscious way, so that you can then be with another in the same grounded gentle way. Aware of the breath, the midline, the earth, aware of self, aware of other. Gradually consciousness opens up to include self and other, and so we work together in a compassionate healing manner.

Sounds like meditation doesn’t it? I have been browsing through Heart of Listening by Hugh Milne. He tells us about the place of meditation in the healing arts, how acting from centre, a place of deep stillness, allows us to access our inner ear, our inner eye. We are consciousness, the ground from which mind springs, and meditation is simply resting in the present moment, being here now. When we are in this place we do not make mistakes. He quotes from the I Ching:

It is very difficult to bring quiet to the Heart.
True quiet means keeping still when the time has come to keep still, and going forward when it is time to go forward.
If the movement of the spinal nerves is brought to a standstill, the ego, with its restlessness disappears. When a man has thus become calm he may turn to the outside world.
Whoever acts from these levels makes no mistakes.

So before Doing comes Being, spend some time today just Being, being with yourself.



3 thoughts on “Being

  1. I love the work you do and the sharing that benefits us who are interested in being and do-ing and not having the cart before the horse.

  2. dadirri7,

    It was wonderful to have you visit me at Be Whole Now. Judging from the marsupial portrait, I am guessing you are a bit far for me to pop over (from the southwestern US) for a cranio session! I am not familiar with the term “biodynamic craniosacral” – though I know the word biodynamic as it pertains to the gardening/farming techniques of Rudolf Steiner. Is that foundational to your work, including your vibrational essences? Hmmmm, I can feel the gentle strength of your Work emanating right here from your blog!

  3. Thank you for your visits to my blog. I noticed from you blog that you practice “biodynamic” craniosacral. I receive traditional craniosacral treatments regularly and am starting to blog about some of my experiences. What is the difference between the “biodynamic” vs the traditional therapy, if any? Just curious. You may email a response if you like. Thanks!

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