Everything is Perfect: in Christchurch

I have had three emails from women who were in Christchurch during the recent devastating earthquake. We had been in retreat together in late January.

Now one wrote of being in a Tai Chi class when the ground bucked, throwing people about the room, a falling screen knocked one woman out, and an external wall collapsed onto cars in a car park. They stayed together, tending the hurt, and talking about previous earthquake experiences. Then they went out into the destruction, and set about finding family, getting home, helping where they could, coping with massive disruption, death and injury. My friend writes :

“My life view is that whatever happens to us is perfect so I was grateful to be in such good company at such an extreme time.” After describing the traumas of the past week, she says “What is most alive in me now is the power and strength of the oneness heart”.

Yes we are all together, here on our Mother Earth, together with those who love and laugh, together with those who suffer and are hurt. What ever happens to any of us, happens to all of us. We are with those in Christchurch, our love, part of the Oneness Heart.


2 thoughts on “Everything is Perfect: in Christchurch

  1. I agree in heart and philosophy….so interconnected are we…and we need to use our perfect strength in extreme times of calamity. I watched with my husband on Dateline the miracle of 500 people working together and surviving the cruise ship sinking off South Africa. The people themselves, both the helpers and the being helped, were the miracles that pulled this off.

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