Lotus Heart 2

We were in Christchurch in January, and discovered a really beautiful, serene place to eat, the Lotus Heart Vegetarian Café and Restaurant. It is on an upper floor of a large building directly opposite the cathedral, in Cathedral Square. The gracious older building has large windows, so we sat there admiring the cathedral spire, thankful that it had not fallen during the September earthquake. Young women dressed in rainbow pretty saris, asked with smiling faces what we would like to eat, and we tried some treats for dinner, for afternoon tea. Everything was delightful!

Lotus Heart Vegetarian Cafe and Restaurant

Dinner at Lotus Heart

Now that Christchurch has suffered a much more damaging quake and the cathedral spire has fallen, I wondered how Lotus Heart had survived.  Today I found on their website that everyone was able to leave safely after the quake, for which we are very grateful.

Our loving thoughts go out to all in the city who are suffering, and all who are affected by this tragedy, which since we are all one, touches us all. Peace, Peace, Peace.




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