Stillness, Spaciousness

“What keeps me alive is found between the images, between the words, between thought, the emptiness of feeling, and in the emptiness of the body  …. there arises the fullness and significance of life”  Romanian physicist and philosopher Basarab Nicolescu points us to the symbolic language in poetry, music and art, and to the hidden presence that awaits us in the spacious and empty place between thought and feeling, where our spirit resides.

We can find this space in between the out breath and the in breath, in that momentary stillness when breathing ceases. Sit or lie down quietly and let your breath slow, pausing after each exhalation, waiting patiently for the in breath to arise on its own. No grasping for the breath, be reassured it will come, just as the next wave always flows in to the beach. As you slide into that still space begin to sense the vastness of it, stretching out beyond measure in every direction, rest in that great stillness, floating in sweet spaciousness. In this stillness we can know ourselves, and return to everyday life refreshed.

“To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders” Lao Tsu

2 thoughts on “Stillness, Spaciousness

  1. Thankyou Christine. I unfortunately received the other not so pleasant F word last night from an angry lady. You have now balanced it all out with much more pleasant F words and a gorgeous picture. Much needed and many thanks. xxoo

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