Heart conducts Symphony of Life

A new understanding of the heart as more than just a pump, is emerging both from recent studies and ancient wisdom. In his book “Stillness” Charles Ridley states “The heart is a multidimensional organ that is in the centre of every functioning aspect of your being – physical, psychic and spiritual – both personal and universal.”

“The heart’s holographic field contains information about how the body is formed, its present function, and its future evolutionary imperative. Besides these electromagnetic signals, the heart also sends hormonal, neuro-chemical, bioelectric, magnetic and chemical messages, as well as information about temperature, pressure, and blood flow to the brain, and throughout the body…”.

“In short the heart is the conductor of the symphony of your life, and it emanates your whole signature melodic tone throughout the universe.”

Moreover, by allowing ourselves to rest in the heart, we access the amazing healing energy that is waiting for us there. When we can rest in stillness, the healing flow of life is able to infuse our tissues, to rebalance our mind and emotions and to reconnect us to the greater whole.  In yoga we receive these benefits by mindful practice, and through relaxation and yoga nidra in particular. Yoga relaxation has many known health benefits, and the scientific art of Yoga Nidra has many more, with studies showing positive changes in every area of health and well-being. Meditation and chanting are other methods of connecting with the heart centre and inviting healing to flood our being.

Here is an exquisite recording of Deval Premal singing the Heart Sutra from the Buddhist tradition.

red lotus

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